BPF updates 07

Linux 4.12-rc5 was recently released. No BPF changes where included, but a usual [GIT] Networking pull request was made afterwards. You can see the changes in 15th June.

There were also several other patches to netdev and related lists. Most of them are fixes. The highlights are

  • New program type BPF_PROG_TYPE_SOCKET_OPS is in the works.
  • Reporting XDP program ids via netlink.
  • Improvements to the bpf tests.
  • MIPS eBPF JIT got applied.

BPF updates 06

Linux 4.12-rc4 was released this week. No new BPF changes were in this release, but several patches were applied on netdev. The highlights are

  • The BPF id patches which were ready last week but had to be re-spin because of merge conflicts.
  • All perf events now have BPF support.

Other interesting topics

  • VF XDP support for the qede driver.
  • Better alignment tracking and improvements to the verifier.

BPF updates 05

Linux 4.12-rc3 was released last week. One usual [GIT] Networking pull request with some BPF fixes made it in. You can read all the highlights in 26th May. Also the release email briefly mentions BPF

Anyway, rc3 has a little bit of everything. The biggest single change is actually just a documentation update (the intel pstate docs were converted to rst format), so the diffstat actually looks a bit odd with a wuarter just being documentation. There's also some tooling updates (perf and some bpf selftest).

More interesting highlights

Cilium v0.9 Released: Hello Kubernetes!

The team is excited to announce the v0.9 release of Cilium.

We've received a lot of great feedback since we released Cilium v0.8 at the end of March with support for L7 HTTP-aware network security.   By far the biggest requests have been: 

  • Making it easier to deploy and use Cilium in Kubernetes environments
  • Testing and hardening Cilium to enable production deployments.  

Cilium @ GlueCon 2017 this Week!


The Cilium team is excited to be at GlueCon 2017 Wed + Thurs this week, just outside Denver, CO.   GlueCon is a great developer-focused conference focused on APIs, containers, microservices, serverless, etc. We've enjoyed attending as individuals in the past, and are excited to be sponsoring this year!

We will be presenting "Cilium + BPF: Least Privilege Security on API Call Level for Microservices" on Wed from 2:50-3:20pm .  This talk is on Track 1.   Come on by!

And all conference we'll be available at our Cilium booth to answer questions about API-aware network security, give demos, and of course, give away our Cilium t-shirts.  See you there!